Minor Update Released – Version 2.92

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-176] – Page crashes when deleting a role with users in it.
  • [CM-506] – Calendar Comments do not work when subscribed to the free edition.
  • [CM-509] – SportFix profiles are not displayed if there is a special character in the centers name.
  • [CM-510] – The google map on SportFix is sometimes not shown even though there is a valid address.
  • [CM-511] – Some centers on SportFix are visible on the list view but not on the map view.
  • [CM-512] – Page crashes when creating a new event and entering a really long custom question.
  • [CM-514] – Customers do not import into the system when there is no DOB specified in the email address.
  • [CM-520] – Page crashes when trying to print reports from the manage competitions area and no competition has been selected.
  • [CM-527] – Toast notifications are not working on all pages.
  • [CM-529] – Page exception occurs when attempting to make a financial adjustment and the team does not belong in a competition.


  • [CM-93] – Show / Hide inactive users in the manage users in roles grid.
  • [CM-97] – Remove court availabilities in bulk.
  • [CM-105] – Provide access to the allocation breakdown report from the manage competitions area.
  • [CM-114] – Label inactive teams in the Customer’s team affiliations panel.
  • [CM-492] – Add registration dates when creating a new customer rather than having to go into the customers details page.
  • [CM-525] – Set the players gender from the update player details screen.
  • [CM-526] – New Finals Series Templates
  • [CM-531>] – HTTPS enabled for Sportfix Script

Minor Update Released – Version 2.91

Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • [CM-462] – The Bookings By Customer Report is not showing recurring bookings.
  • [CM-490] – Suspended players are no longer shown when entering player statistics.
  • [CM-491] – You should be able to delete a customer affiliated to teams from the customer listing page.
  • [CM-501] – Clashes are happening when creating a new recurring booking.
  • [CM-503] – Players remain in the team even when you choose to remove them.

Notification Improvements

Handling Bounced Emails

We have implemented functionality so that when an email bounces it automatically updates the customer so that they are opted out of any future email notifications.

In addition each email that has bounced will be assigned a “Bounced” status on the notification page. This provides you with the ability to see how effective your email announcement was and also the chance to follow up and update the details of the respective customers.

Other Minor Improvements

We have improved the notifications page by adding some more filters so you can complete more sophisticated searches and we’ve also added a new “View Details” link so that you can see the Email or SMS content that was sent out.


Minor Update Released – Version 2.8

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-442] – Not all customers showing in customer search
  • [CM-444] – Calendar not loading if allocation doesn’t have a court assigned


  • [CM-438] – Inactive players appearing in attendances
  • [CM-439] – When deleting a customer the system should automatically remove them as a player from all affiliated teams.
  • [CM-443] – Ability to sort customers grid on search results

Minor Update Released – Version 2.7

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-425] – Finals Fixtures: Time Picker not working during edit
  • [CM-431] – Team Overdue Summary Report
  • [CM-434] – New Booking – not working after postback
  • [CM-435] – Credit Purchase Failing


  • [CM-424] – Permission level for umpires with no access to customer personal info
  • [CM-429] – New Booking: Slow performance when creating new entry
  • [CM-436] – Simplify Division Settings UI
  • [CM-437] – New Customer Search Filter

Release Notes

Over the past twelve months we have been doing incremental updates to FiXi & the broader SportFix platform. We have been working hard to ensure FiXi remains the most intuitive competition management solutions on the market. This release includes:


  • Recurring bookings implementation has been altered to increase performance by 76%
  • Fixed: Users received access denied message when loading FiXi
  • Forget password email content enhancements
  • When you make changes to the fixture users are prompted to sync to web
  • New Casual Booking interface enhancements
  • Events – ability to search by title
  • Fixed: some users could not update credit card


  • Ability to change your password
  • Enhancements to forget password function to provide more accurate errors
  • Order of competitions is now alphabetical
  • Email address is now username

There are some major updates to be released over the coming months. As always we appreciate your feedback so please let us know on our uservoice site.

#version 2.6

Updates released

This week an update was released in FiXi that brings some long awaited functionality that has been requested frequently by our growing user base. The major notable updates in this release are custom scoresheets, team consolidation and edit fixture enhancements. We have also made some updates to the overall visuals of FiXi ensure its compatibility with the latest browsers – both desktop and mobile and keeping up with modern visual design trends. Of course there are also a whole bunch of bugs that have been squashed.

We appreciate all the feedback we receive and we encourage you to keep it coming by logging your suggestions in our uservoice portal – be sure to vote what is important to you.

Custom Scoresheets

Until now scoresheets have been defined by FiXi head quarters and custom scoresheets would need to be made upon request and may incurred an additional fee. We are now excited to release the ability for you to draft your own scoresheets using Microsoft Word and OpenXML. The scoresheets can be designed however you like and using dynamic fields FiXi can populate your match data and player information.

For more information on how to make your own scoresheets check out our documentation article.

Team Consolidation

Do want keep your database clean and in its prime for marketing purposes, reporting accuracy or just because you’re a neat freak. Recently we released the ability to merge duplicate customers, well now you can merge teams too! Read how to start consolidating your teams.

Edit Fixture Updates

We get so many requests to enhance our fixturing functionality and even though we know FiXi offers the most robust and powerful scheduling algorithm we also know there is always room for improvement. So in this update you can now add additional matches to existing rounds. You can also specify the duration of the individual matches irrelevant of what the default value is that is stored in the division setting. Here are some helpful articles about the new changes:

Inserting Matches into an Existing Fixture
Overriding the default match time by editing the fixture
Deleting matches from an existing fixture

Thanks for all your feedback and continued support. If you have any questions you can post them below or drop us an email to support@fixionline.com.

Team Admins

You may have already noticed but you can now invite your teams to add and modify their existing teams details. From within the team management screen you will see a new tab labelled ‘Admins’. From within this tab you can add a new admin by simply providing a name and email address. This will send an invite out the recipient to click a link and either log into the SportFix team portal using existing login or create a new SportFix account.

Once logged on, the user will see a list of teams they are currently admins of.


After selecting a team to manage, the admin can see information about that team and allow them to add team members and alter existing players details. All changes will be tracked in the activity log visible within FiXi.


Centres are able to restrict certain functions for admins, centre wide, preventing them from making changes to their teams which a centre may feel goes against company policy. E.g. allow new players to be added. These options are on the Sportfix Settings page which can be accessed by navigating to: Settings -> System and then selecting the SportFix tab.

It is also worth noting that if a team registers online the user who created that team will automatically be made a ‘team admin’ once the team has been allocated.

Change Team Order – Fixture Integrity

When making a change to a fixture during a season you want to make sure that you don’t make teams play each other again the very next week of your new fixture.

Rather than changing the fixture manually and breaking the integrity of the fixture we recommend you edit the team order.


Our fixturing algorithm uses the berger system or round robin method to generate who will play who. So each team at the start of the season is given a number and each week team 1 will play against another team until there are no more teams to play and then it repeats. This ensures everyone plays everyone at least once (provided you allow enough rounds) and no team will play the same team again until they have played everyone.

When you add a new team into a competition the whole algorithm needs to change. Unfortunately it means that teams will play some teams more than once but you can at least try to avoid a team having to play the same team they played last week as this causes a great deal of frustration to your teams.

So to work around this FiXi allows you to change the assigned number against teams or what we call ‘Team Order’. You can then preview what FiXi will generate for the future rounds so you can manipulate the team order until you are happy.

Using this approach ensures that from this point forward teams will continue to play each other in the correct pattern keeping the competition fair. Of course you can still change the fixture manually after the new fixture has been created but changing the fixture manually to specify who is playing who can lead to upset customers if not done right.