Minor Update Released – Version 2.95

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-591] – The ladder columns on Sportfix are not being shown or hidden as specified in the division settings.
  • [CM-614] – Page crashes when trying to print a score sheet for a scratch match that is yet to be saved.
  • [CM-618] – Custom score sheets are showing deleted customers.
  • [CM-619] –  Finals are being shown in the same round as season matches on the Sportfix website.
  • [CM-624] – The manage competitions page is performing slowly.
  • [CM-631] – Fixture issue when creating a fixture and an existing booking that is larger than all fixture matches exist.


  • [CM-475] – Completed major update to the Sportfix platform.
  • [CM-476] – Added Sportfix.net links to the website embed widget.
  • [CM-477] – Improved social media sharing on the Sportfix website.
  • [CM-516] – Added bye matches to fixtures on the Sportfix website.
  • [CM-549] – Added the ability to generate invoices for Casual Bookings.
  • [CM-611] – Created new score sheet with 4 matches on one page.
  • [CM-626] – Added the ability for team admins to add other admins on Sportfix.
  • [CM-627] – Added the ability for team admins to make players inactive on Sportfix.
  • [CM-630] – Improved usability by renaming “communications” to “Notes” throughout the FiXi application.
  • [CM-633] – Added new finals series: 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, 7 vs. 8, 9 vs. 10, 11 vs. 12

Sportfix Major Update

We are very pleased to announce a major update to our entire Sportfix platform (iOS, Android and sportfix website).

This exciting new update includes major enhancements; improving the overall experience for your participants.

The update is automatic and has already been released so you don’t need to do a thing.

What’s New

For a quick summary, please watch our YouTube video.

Team Search

Players are often unaware of the competitions they are participating in, so to make life easier we have introduced a team search function to the mobile version of Sportfix. Players can now enter their team name instead.

When a team is selected from the search results, a new team view (discussed below) is displayed.

Team View

We have introduced a completely new team view so that players can explore all data relevant to them. The view is divided into a number of tabs:

Team Profile Tab

The team profile tab is selected by default and provides a brief overview of the team. Information such as the team name, the year formed, the premierships won and player list are all shown.

Results & Fixtures Tab

All completed and upcoming matches relevant to the team that have been published online are displayed on this tab – making it the perfect view for teams associated to multiple competitions (past & present).

In the sportfix.net version, Results & Fixtures are split over two tabs.

Statistics Tab

This view displays all the statistics relevant to the team over its entire playing history. Overview statistics such as: total matches played, won, lost etc. are all shown along with team records such as: longest winning streak, longest undefeated streak, greatest winning margin and highest score.

All statistics are displayed by default but can be filtered to only show finals statistics, so that teams can compare their performances.

Competitions Tab

A list of all associated competitions are displayed in this tab. Users can navigate to the view for each competition that is published online.

In the sportfix.net version associated competitions are displayed in a side panel instead.

Competition Statistics

A new tab has been added to the competition view showing all team performance and player statistics such as Leading Scorers, Red Cards, Yellow Cards and Votes.

Team List

The existing competition view now shows a list of all teams associated to the relevant competition, for users to easily navigate to the new team view.


Match Detail View

A new Match Detail view has been introduced so that users can find out more about a particular result or upcoming match.

When a match is upcoming, the fixture details are shown along with each team’s recent form and player list. For completed matches, the fixture details, result and player statistics are displayed.

In the sportfix.net version, signed-in users are able to participate in an online discussion about an upcoming or completed match.

Favourite Teams

In addition to favouring a competition, mobile users can now favourite their team for quick access.


For an optimal user experience, players are shown online by default. However, no sensitive information is ever published – the only details ever shown are the customer’s first name, their last name (or the first letter of their last name as described in this article) and their shirt number.

This will be acceptable in most circumstances, but to cover all scenarios we have added options to further protect the privacy of your customers.

All player details can be completely hidden for all competitions by selecting the option to hide player details in the system settings.

Occasionally you may receive complaints from customers that they do not want their name to be published online but you do not want to hide all other player details. In this particular scenario you can protect the identity of individual customers by creating an online alias for them as described in this help article.

Configuration Options

Since votes are typically revealed at the end of a season – we have hidden these statistics by default.

If you wish to publish votes online please see this help article.

User Experience

To provide an optimal user experience, we have hidden specific views when there is no data to display. For example, if you are not entering player statistics into the system or if you are subscribed to the basic edition of our software all player statistics are hidden.

Synchronising Data

When making any change to a competition you are required to synchronize the changes before it is visible for your participants to see online.

There are however some instances where changes are automatically reflected without having to manually synchronise the data. It is worth familiarizing yourself with these instances to better understand the process and thus avoid any pitfalls.

If a competition is in a synchronized state and you perform any of the functions listed below then your changes will immediately be reflected online:

  • Changing a team name.
  • Adding & removing players from a team. (Only if the option to show player details online is enabled).
  • Changing any player details. (Again, only if the option to show player details online is enabled)

As you can see these are not really changes to the competition itself. They are changes to the players and teams associated to the competition.

All team statistics are also made visible online. This was an intentional design decision as we wanted players to have access to all their team’s history without forcing you to publish every single competition that has ever occurred.

Please be cautious of the scenario where you enter scores for a particular round and one of the teams for example achieves their highest score – if you do not immediately synchronise the results then the statistic will show in the team statistics area online but not in the results. If you wish to hide the record until the match results have been synchronised then be sure to select the “omit” checkbox.


Generally, any changes to a competition will require you to synchronise before it is visible online for your participants to see. Unfortunately, one area that is instantly published without requiring you to synchronise is when linking competition ladder figures for a particular team. This is a limitation and we hope to update this functionality in the near future so that the user is forced to synchronise after linking competition ladder figures.

Sportfix Web Widget

The Sportfix web widget has been updated to link to the Sportfix.net website, so that players can access their team portal and see additional information such as competition statistics.

If you have embedded the widget into your website and your Sportfix.net profile is disabled, it will no longer show on your website – you will need to activate it.

Cleaning Your Data

Now that more data is visible online you will most likely need to clean your data to provide the optimal experience for your customers, this is especially true if you haven’t already been doing this on a regular basis.

Please see our YouTube video on how to effectively clean your data.

Promotional Material

To help communicate this update we have designed two flyers, ready for you to distribute.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.94

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-539] – Ladders are not shown on the mobile applications when no matches have been completed.
  • [CM-554] – Clearing the results does not clear the player statistics.
  • [CM-595] – The check in sheets are not excluding banned players.
  • [CM-597] – Some users are experiencing issues when trying to generate the Calendar Totals report.
  • [CM-599] – Some users are experiencing issues when merging customers.
  • [CM-600] – The email address tick box is not being remembered when creating a new Event.
  • [CM-601] – Some users are experiencing issues when editing a finals series.
  • [CM-604] – Match Rounds for finals are displayed in the wrong order when published to the mobile applications.
  • [CM-605] – The Export By Comp report does not work if a fixture has not been created.
  • [CM-608] – Users re-registering online receive an error when attempting to pay.
  • [CM-609] – An error occurs when attempting to delete an event that has incomplete registrations.


  • [CM-550] – Improved the booking form to include a per hour rate.
  • [CM-568] – Added the ability to limit the amount of players that can be registered online for each team.
  • [CM-569] – Improved the allocation breakdown report to show how many times each team has played each other.
  • [CM-582] – Improved the user experience by displaying an error message when attempting to sync a competition that has no fixture.
  • [CM-588] – Improved the user experience by disabling the statistics icon until results have been entered.
  • [CM-589] – Added new portrait check in report.
  • [CM-602] – Added Shirt Number to the Customer By Comp Export.
  • [CM-603] – Added Alternate ID to the Customer Export and Customer By Comp Export.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.93

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-536] – Some users are experiencing issues on Sportfix.net when attempting to sign in using Facebook i.e. after the Facebook API update.
  • [CM-537] – The Statistics Dashboard is failing to load.
  • [CM-544] – The customer merge tool fails when the customer does not have a DOB specified.
  • [CM-545] – The Calendar Totals Report is not calculating financials from casual bookings.
  • [CM-551] – Same day Online registrations are appearing on the SportFix website even though the events are pending within FiXi.
  • [CM-552] – The knowledge base hyperlink on the help desk page is broken.
  • [CM-557] – The synchronisation status is not updated when making ladder adjustments.
  • [CM-558] – The Synchronisation status is not updated when making changes to the finals series.
  • [CM-559] – Deleting parts of a fixture is not updating the synchronisation status.
  • [CM-567] – Really long team names are not shown on the check in report.
  • [CM-571] – Wrong page heading displayed for the newspaper results report.
  • [CM-572] – Wrong page title displayed for the newspaper results report.
  • [CM-574] – If a fixture needs to be confirmed, matches are not shown on the calendar.
  • [CM-583] – The mobile apps are showing the results for omitted matches.
  • [CM-584] – The mobile apps are showing matches as complete when the date has passed rather than when the matches are actually completed.
  • [CM-585] – Some ladder columns are not hidden when configured to do so in the division settings.


  • [CM-538] – New JavaScript toggle on the calendar grid to remove scrollbars and make it printable.
  • [CM-414] – Added the ability to define a maximum age for online registration events.
  • [CM-486] – Added the ability to cap the amount of teams to register online.
  • [CM-521] – Added the ability for teams to re-register without having to complete the registration form again.
  • [CM-562] – Added the ability to specify a minimum and maximum age for online registrations and for teams managing their details online.
  • [CM-546] – Improved the user experience so that a division can only be created if there is at least one active sport.
  • [CM-553] – Added the sport name and comments to each grid allocation on hover.
  • [CM-556] – Improved the user experience so an error message is displayed when no competition has been selected and the user is attempting to synchronise or remove a competition from the web.
  • [CM-560] – Added validation to ensure that statistics can only be entered after match results have been submitted.
  • [CM-570] – Overdue fees added to the calendar agenda report.
  • [CM-570] – New google sign in option for SportFix users.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.92

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-176] – Page crashes when deleting a role with users in it.
  • [CM-506] – Calendar Comments do not work when subscribed to the free edition.
  • [CM-509] – SportFix profiles are not displayed if there is a special character in the centers name.
  • [CM-510] – The google map on SportFix is sometimes not shown even though there is a valid address.
  • [CM-511] – Some centers on SportFix are visible on the list view but not on the map view.
  • [CM-512] – Page crashes when creating a new event and entering a really long custom question.
  • [CM-514] – Customers do not import into the system when there is no DOB specified in the email address.
  • [CM-520] – Page crashes when trying to print reports from the manage competitions area and no competition has been selected.
  • [CM-527] – Toast notifications are not working on all pages.
  • [CM-529] – Page exception occurs when attempting to make a financial adjustment and the team does not belong in a competition.


  • [CM-93] – Show / Hide inactive users in the manage users in roles grid.
  • [CM-97] – Remove court availabilities in bulk.
  • [CM-105] – Provide access to the allocation breakdown report from the manage competitions area.
  • [CM-114] – Label inactive teams in the Customer’s team affiliations panel.
  • [CM-492] – Add registration dates when creating a new customer rather than having to go into the customers details page.
  • [CM-525] – Set the players gender from the update player details screen.
  • [CM-526] – New Finals Series Templates
  • [CM-531>] – HTTPS enabled for Sportfix Script

Minor Update Released – Version 2.91

Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • [CM-462] – The Bookings By Customer Report is not showing recurring bookings.
  • [CM-490] – Suspended players are no longer shown when entering player statistics.
  • [CM-491] – You should be able to delete a customer affiliated to teams from the customer listing page.
  • [CM-501] – Clashes are happening when creating a new recurring booking.
  • [CM-503] – Players remain in the team even when you choose to remove them.

Notification Improvements

Handling Bounced Emails

We have implemented functionality so that when an email bounces it automatically updates the customer so that they are opted out of any future email notifications.

In addition each email that has bounced will be assigned a “Bounced” status on the notification page. This provides you with the ability to see how effective your email announcement was and also the chance to follow up and update the details of the respective customers.

Other Minor Improvements

We have improved the notifications page by adding some more filters so you can complete more sophisticated searches and we’ve also added a new “View Details” link so that you can see the Email or SMS content that was sent out.


Minor Update Released – Version 2.8

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-442] – Not all customers showing in customer search
  • [CM-444] – Calendar not loading if allocation doesn’t have a court assigned


  • [CM-438] – Inactive players appearing in attendances
  • [CM-439] – When deleting a customer the system should automatically remove them as a player from all affiliated teams.
  • [CM-443] – Ability to sort customers grid on search results

Minor Update Released – Version 2.7

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-425] – Finals Fixtures: Time Picker not working during edit
  • [CM-431] – Team Overdue Summary Report
  • [CM-434] – New Booking – not working after postback
  • [CM-435] – Credit Purchase Failing


  • [CM-424] – Permission level for umpires with no access to customer personal info
  • [CM-429] – New Booking: Slow performance when creating new entry
  • [CM-436] – Simplify Division Settings UI
  • [CM-437] – New Customer Search Filter