Release Notes – 1/10/2013


The following updates were included in today’s release of FiXi Competition Management.

Improvement: New Final 6 Finals Format
New finals series fixture format introduced
Improvement: Print scoresheets for date period
You can now print scoresheets for an entire week, month.
Improvement: Manage & Create Payments against customers
You can now manage customer financials, adding account adjustments and tracking their outstanding balance.
Bug: Delete button in customer financial grid not working
Bug: SportFix Web Upload preview not working
Preview of SportFix web embed was not working within settings area.
Improvement: Todays date at the bottom of every report
All reports now display the current date at the bottom.
Improvement: Netball Scoresheet
New scoresheet for Netball was added.
Improvement: Pay invoice with Credit Card on file
Improvement: Alternate ID field against customer
Ability to track your own IDs for customers has been added to customer details screen.
Improvement: Show POS TransactionID in transaction detail
If you are running FiXi POS and are syncing payments to Competition Management then you can now see the POS transaction id from team financials screen.
New Feature: Edit Fixture
Edit Fixture now shows the results for completed matches.