Player Registrations

Our team is constantly creating new and innovative solutions to ensure FiXi continues to evolve.

One of the exciting projects we are currently working on is a new Online Player Registration system. This will work similar to the existing Online Team Registration system but rather than having just one team admin – all players in the team will be required to register.

To make this possible we’ve had to make some core changes to FiXi.

In one of our recent updates (2.981) we added a new optional per player registration fee and the ability to allocate associated fees and payments.

Building on this feature, we introduced new functionality so that players can be registered into competitions in our latest update 2.982.

Every player must be registered into a competition to appear in the associated reports and for statistics to be recorded against them.

Note: We’ve automatically registered all existing players so you don’t need to worry about existing data.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of these updates we’ve had to update the existing “Player Registration” terminology to “Membership”. A membership registration is the registration period that a player has with you (i.e. the venue, association, club) and has a start date and an end date. It can be found on the Customers page as seen in the screenshot below:

On the Plus side this update has automatically resolved a limitation of the existing online team registration system i.e. all players will no longer be automatically rolled over when a team re-registers. Instead, only active players will be registered into the new competition.

The final phase of the project is the online registration form on the Sportfix website. We hope to have this completed in the very near future and are excited by this upcoming release!

New & Improved Reports Area

As part of our recent update (version 2.982) the reports area within FiXi has been updated to provide a more intuitive user experience.

To make all this possible we’ve had to rename and move some of the reports around.

Please use the chart below to quickly identify and locate the reports that were being used prior to the update.

Update Released – Version 2.982

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-594] – The attendance report is always showing attendance from linked competitions regardless of what is selected as an option.
  • [CM-758] – The paid status indicator is showing as red when the team has credit from previous weeks.
  • [CM-765] – All players are being exported from the venue attendance report even if they have not attended.
  • [CM-769] – The fees panel is missing when managing teams in a competition that has no registration fee but a season fee.
  • [CM-770] – The API method GetCalendarByDateRange is not working as expected.
  • [CM-773] – Reports are being exported with the wrong file names.
  • [CM-780] – Exceptions occur when no values are specified in the report options.
  • [CM-788] – The birthday report is not working correctly.


  • [CM-759] – Added the ability to register players into a competition.
  • [CM-768] – Removed duplicate entries (teams participating in multiple selected competitions) from the outstanding fees export.
  • [CM-771] – Added the ability to make payments for a team in a competition without specifying a round.
  • [CM-774] – Removed the redundant team filter from the overdue fees report options.
  • [CM-775] – Improved the logic to better extract the responsible person for the team export, overdue team fee report and the team list report.
  • [CM-776] – Removed the redundant team filter from the team list report options.
  • [CM-777] – Improved the overdue fees report so that teams participating in multiple competitions are highlighted in the report.
  • [CM-778] – Improved the user experience in the reports area.
  • [CM-779] – Updated the reports user interface so that it is more consistent.
  • [CM-781] – Updated the notifications area so that a fixture does not have to exist to send out a notification.
  • [CM-782] – Removed irrelevant start round and end round options from the finals series report.
  • [CM-783] – Updated the teams schedule printout so that finals matches are displayed differently to regular season matches.
  • [CM-784] – Updated the teams schedule printout so that regular season matches and finals matches are grouped together.
  • [CM-785] – Updated the teams schedule printout to include scratch matches.
  • [CM-786] – Added the holidays export to the reports page.
  • [CM-787] – Added remove buttons to the selection box on the bookings and identity card report option pages.
  • [CM-789] – Removed finals series matches from the season fixture team print point of view.

Update Released – Version 2.981

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-286] – Financials do not work when editing a casual booking series.
  • [CM-700] – Empty payment on calendar triggers a payment.
  • [CM-701] – $0.00 payments on the calendar trigger a payment. They should only trigger a debit if one has not been made.
  • [CM-720] – Wrong amount is allocated as a credit when making multiple part payments for a team.
  • [CM-726] – The description for Scratch match fees and payments are not descriptive enough and inconsistent.
  • [CM-730] – Reset financials are shown on the team payments tab when they should only be visible on the “All” tab.
  • [CM-731] – Delete is showing for financial reset adjustments.
  • [CM-733] – The description for scratch match fees and payments is showing competition details.
  • [CM-736] – Financial permissions are hidden when the user has no permission. They should be disabled instead.
  • [CM-738] – The Paid status is not working as expected on the calendar.
  • [CM-739] – When editing an occurrence of a series it doesn’t update the customer details if you change them.
  • [CM-740] – When changing the Sport to empty in the Casual Booking dialogue it shows an irrelevant radio button option for the customer.
  • [CM-742] – Validation fails to identify recurrence exceptions.
  • [CM-743] – Incorrect recurrence count when editing a casual booking series.
  • [CM-745] – The text colour of each item in the Customers financial grid do not match the Financial Type legend.
  • [CM-746] – There is a display issue with the Financial Type legend on the Customer financials page.
  • [CM-747] – Users should be able to delete adjustments made on the Customer financials page.
  • [CM-756] – API is returning wrong financials for the away team.


  • [CM-103] – Added new link to the full customer details page from the players grid.
  • [CM-702] – Added overdue amount for teams in a scratch match on the Calendar page.
  • [CM-703] – Added option to pay the Season Fee from the calendar page.
  • [CM-704] – Added option to pay the player registration fee from the calendar page.
  • [CM-705] – Updated the team options on the calendar page to only show relative payment options.
  • [CM-706] – Updated the calendar so that the fee label and paid text box are only shown when relevant.
  • [CM-707] – Updated the division settings so that you can specify a Team Registration Fee or a Player Registration Fee and a Match Fee or Season Fee.
  • [CM-708] – Updated financials when inserting a new team so that a Player Registration fee can be assigned.
  • [CM-709] – Update financials when inserting a new team so that only the financials specified in the division settings are shown.
  • [CM-710] – Added financial options when doing a bulk add of teams.
  • [CM-711] – Added the ability to assign a player registration fee when adding a customer into a team.
  • [CM-712] – Updated financials when adding a team into a competition so that a player registration fee can be assigned.
  • [CM-713] – Updated financials when managing teams in competitions so that a player registration fee can be assigned.
  • [CM-714] – Updated financials when managing teams in competitions so that a only the financials specified in the division settings are shown.
  • [CM-715] – Ajaxified the Add Teams to Comp Grid.
  • [CM-716] – Ajaxified the competition selector in the Add Teams to Comp pop-up.
  • [CM-717] – Ajaxified the competition selector when inserting a new team.
  • [CM-718] – Updated financials when adding a team into a competition so that only the financials specified in the division settings are shown.
  • [CM-719] – Ajaxified the competition selector in the Manage Teams in Comp pop-up.
  • [CM-721] – Added the ability to make match payments for finals in the team financials area.
  • [CM-722] – Added the ability to make a scratch match payment in the team financials area.
  • [CM-723] – Added the ability to make player registration payments in the team financials area.
  • [CM-724] – Updated adjustments so that they can be against a round for team payments (including finals).
  • [CM-725] – Updated adjustments so that they can be made for Player Registrations, Scratch Matches & Season Fee / Payments
  • [CM-727] – Added the ability to optionally select a player when making a payment for a match, scratch match, season fee, team registration or an adjustment.
  • [CM-728] – Added the ability to optionally select a payment method when making a payment for a match, scratch match, season fee, team registration or player registration.
  • [CM-729] – Created new filter options in the team financials grid i.e. All, competition match, scratch match, season fees / payments, Team Registrations and Player Registrations.
  • [CM-732] – New competition and player filters added to the team financials grid.
  • [CM-734] – Ajaxified Financials Grid when a new player is added to the team or the team is added into a new competition.
  • [CM-744] – Updated casual bookings so that payments for a series behave like a fixture i.e. debits are not processed until a payment is entered.
  • [CM-748] – Added additional information to each row on the customer financials grid.
  • [CM-749] – Added the ability to complete player registration payments on the customer financials page.
  • [CM-750] – Added the ability to complete a casual booking payment from the customer financials page.
  • [CM-751] – New filters added to the Customer Financials Grid.
  • [CM-752] – Ajaxified Customer Details Page.
  • [CM-753] – Changed the look and feel of the Customer details screen so that it is the same as the team details page for consistency.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.98

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-690] – Fixed Postcode search on Sportfix.
  • [CM-694] – Resolved General Performance Issues
  • [CM-697] – Resolved Page Error in User Management Area.


  • [CM-699] – Added court filter to drag and drop grid.
  • [CM-586] – Created New report to show clashes for teams in multiple competitions.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.97

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-615] – Remove the fixture from the web if it is deleted.
  • [CM-643] – Required email is not actually required on Sportfix when managing players.
  • [CM-660] – When a match is un-allocted the fixture is shown as 12:00am on the ladder for the next round of matches.
  • [CM-673] – The sportfix registration form is only showing odd years for date of birth.
  • [CM-681] – Maps on Sportfix are not showing after Google Update.
  • [CM-683] – Team names not showing on the Team Details page.


  • [CM-19] – Created New Drag and Drop Calendar.
  • [CM-587] – Added the ability to specify a Finals Cut Off for each competition. *
  • [CM-617] – Added registration dates to customer import.
  • [CM-622] – Added the ability to override whether votes should be hidden from Sportfix at the competition level.
  • [CM-634] – Added Alternative ID as a dynamic field for custom score sheets.
  • [CM-666] – New Final Formats.
  • [CM-678] – Added new setting for each competition to hide statistics to forget from Sportfix. *

* Update will not be complete until we push an update to the respective stores.

Minor Update Released – Version 2.96

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-628] – Resolved inconsistent ladder positions and win / loss record on web embed.
  • [CM-639] – Updated API to return player shirt numbers for completed matches.
  • [CM-646] – Updated API to indicate whether a round is finals or not.
  • [CM-648] – Resolved casual booking performance issues.


  • [CM-566] – New Add on that Integrates Vend Point of Sale with FiXi
  • [CM-642] – Added functionality to optionally hide player surnames on Sportfix.
  • [CM-652] – Improved the Sportfix login form to include a “Register” link.
  • [CM-663] – Added new finals series – Final 5 Playoff for all spots.

Vend Point of Sale Integration

We are very excited to announce that FiXi has now been integrated with Vend – a leading online retail point of sale system.

For a quick overview of the features and benefits please see our flyer.

With this new integration, financial and accounting data can be completely streamlined. The Vend POS system can be used to process player and team payments with information directly synchronised to FiXi.


The Vend Point of Sale system offers many features to help your business grow. Here are just some of those features:

  • Centralized Data
  • Works offline
  • Compatible with iPad, Mac & PC.
  • Customizable Reports.
  • Split Payments
  • Partial Payments
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Gift Cards)
  • Integrated with DC POS to support Bitcoin Payments.
  • Integrated with Xero.

For detailed information about the Vend product please visit their website:

Integration Details

Once the Vend add-on has been activated within FiXi, round payments made on the calendar page will be synchronised with Vend.

Payments for an entire season, registrations, casual bookings, scratch matches and payments made in the teams area are not supported in this first version. These features will be introduced in later versions.

Getting Started

Since Vend is an online retail Point of Sale system, you can get up and running immediately. Please see this help article on how to get started.


There are no additional costs to your FiXi subscription although an active Vend subscription is required.

The cost depends on the plan you choose. Please visit the pricing page on the vend website: for all the details. A free 30 day trial is also available.

Innovative Player Check in System Released

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a complete stadium solution, we are proud to announce the release of our integration with DataScore’s Player Check-In System. You can now enable this new add-on with an existing FiXi subscription to further streamline your business.

For a quick overview of the features and benefits please see our flyer.

The Player Check-In System is a product developed by Datascore and is currently being used by sport centres in Australia and around the globe.

An interactive station is usually set up on, or near your front counter, but can be placed at a location of your choosing, for captains to check in their teams before each match.

All captured data is then synchronised to FiXi – increasing data accuracy and consistency and reducing paper consumption.


Quick Self-Check In

Captains can quickly check in their team by selecting player names on a screen reducing the check in process time and improving the overall efficiency of your centre.

Touch Screen Interface

Upon arrival, participants interact with the system using an easy to use touchscreen application. Attendance can be marked at the touch of a single button – greatly increasing customer satisfaction!

Stadium, Sport & Team Messages

Important announcements and messages can be entered into FiXi, targeting players in a specific sport, team or entire customer base.

This greatly enhances your customer communication, as each captain is forced to acknowledge each message upon signing in.

Printable Dockets

A thermal docket is printed out once the team has successfully checked in. The printout lists the signed in players along with the number of matches they have played over the entire season. Other important information such as outstanding fees, upcoming fixtures and announcements are also presented on the printed docket.


Prices start at $600 per year + hardware costs. Get in touch with our friendly staff for a free quote.

Getting Started

Get in touch with our team to get started today!

New Scoreboard System Released

At FiXi we are always pursuing ways to better improve our products and services to provide a greater experience for our customers. In recent times, our focus has been to provide a complete stadium solution. Today is the first step towards this initiative with the release of a new Electronic Scoreboard add-on for existing FiXi subscriptions – streamlining the entire competition management process.

For a quick overview of the features and benefits please see our flyer.

The integrated scoreboard system has been produced by DataScore, a company specialising in such technology and trusted by sport centres in Australia and around the globe.

At the beginning of each day, the scoreboard system will retrieve all matches from your FiXi Calendar, so your umpires / referees can easily select their relevant match.

All results entered can then be synchronised back to FiXi at any time, saving you endless hours of manual data entry, increasing data accuracy and reducing paper consumption.


Real Time Results

The Scoreboard system by DataScore comprises of a scoreboard tablet, a remote Wi-Fi controller and an LED display so that results can be entered and displayed in real time, improving the overall experience for your players and spectators.

Player Statistics

Individual player statistics (for indoor cricket and soccer) can also be entered into the system allowing each player to access a detailed report of their individual performance in addition to their team report.

The reports that can be generated include:

  • Captains Report
  • Scoresheet Report
  • Team Report
  • Player Report
  • Combined Player and Team Report
  • Combined Team and Scoresheet Report
  • Player Ranking Report.

Participants are always excited by statistics, so this will certainly help increase customer satisfaction.

Touch Screen Interface

A simple to use touch screen can be mounted in the umpire stand or alternatively a hand held remote device can be used on the court. The easy to use interface ensures your staff are able to quickly enter scores, improving your centres overall efficiency.

Screen Animations

Screen animations can be displayed during key moments of any match, enhancing the overall experience for your participants and spectators.

Here is a small sample of the animations that are available:

Stadium Advertising & Messages

The LED Screen can be used to display important announcements and messages, improving communication with your customers.

In addition, there is space for you to advertise your business products and services to increase revenue for your sports centre.


There are additional costs involved for this optional add-on. Get in touch with our friendly staff for a free quote.

Getting Started

Get in touch with our team to get started today!